API Documentation MailWriter

Welcome to our API Documentation

What is this, where am I?

An API, or Application Programming Interface, allows for applications to talk to each other and make use of each other’s functionality. Now imagine an API that lets you embed the robust functionality and everyday usefulness of MailWriter into your own website and applications.

The MailWriter API allows for sending letters directly from your own application without using the website to login and upload. Whether you would like to send a single standardized letter or sent out a completely personalized mail merge. Simply connect your output to the MailWriter API and your letters will be printed and sent within 24 hours. The MailWriter production facility has a capacity of 2 billion letters per year; this is why we are capable of facilitating practically any type of demand. Some examples of systems connected to our service are:

  • Administrative systems
  • Membership systems
  • Collection systems
  • Information systems
  • Human resource systems
  • Marketing and PR systems
  • Healthcare systems

Why do they trust us?

Because of our high standards in data security MailWriter is trusted by a large variety of clients. In addition to SSL encryption on data sent to and from our servers, our production facility is ISO27001 certified. Please feel free to contact us at support@mailwriter.com if you have any questions or any requirements outside our standard service portfolio. Let us know!

I've heard enough, how do I continue?

The following sections of our API documention could become a bit nerdy. So if you are a developer or just becoming one this might be a good time to get started with our API. Just getting started with programming? We have a great beginners guide that you really should take a look at!

I am a developer

Nice. Great to see you here. For all you hard and seasoned developers out there we created a function overview so you can immediately get what you need. Want to send letters in no-time please take a quick look at the way we've set things up.

Done reading, we've got examples on the bottom of every page, we also have a PHP class available and a ruby gem for the ROR developers. Need help please feel free to contact us.